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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Fun Way to Save Money

I was looking at Pinterest's top ten pins for 2013 when I found this awesome money saving idea. I immediately thought that my husband would love this and knew we had to give it a try this year.

Then the next day I found DIY Cozy Home's version of this money saving challenge and new that I would have to blog about this. It is the same thing, but she includes a print out for both adults and children. The children's includes doing the savings challenge with quarters, which I think could be a lot of fun for them!

I used an old honey jar for my container its a little on the small size but works for now. I just attached the printable from DIY Cozy Home with double sided tape on the outside and included a pen inside the jar which I use to jot down my initials next to each week once I have inserted the money. "Why initials?" you might be wondering "Why not just a check mark?" well that is due to my wonderful husband who thought we should do the challenge separately : ) So, by the end of the year we should have double the the total amount shown on the spreadsheet, which is really kind of exciting!

Do you think you'll give this money saving challenge a try? How does your family save money? Let me know your thoughts!

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