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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My First Furniture Makeover with Chalk Paint

I'm really excited to share this makeover with you today! First, because it was my first time using Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint, which is a very unique paint and was extremely different than anything else I've ever used. Second, because I am so thrilled with how the piece turned out and finally because I want to inspire you to do something of your own!

I picked up my piece of furniture at the second hand store for $50, it was nicked up and chewed up by a dog, it smelled old and was ugly, but it was the right size and look I wanted for this project. The nicks and chew marks got covered up by the paint and at the same time brought some character to the piece. This dresser is now in our bedroom and I plan to put a mirror above it which I'll show you next week.

The paint was extremely easy to work with and distressed so beautifully it was almost like magic watching it come off so perfectly and revealing just the right kind of distressed look I wanted. I spent the extra $50 for a glass table top because I like the protection it provides but more than that I like the sophisticated look it brings. I have two other dressers with glass tops and love them. The hardware was really difficult to figure out, I didn't want to spend anymore money on this thing than I already had, but I wanted something really pretty of course! My neighbor had a bunch of hardware that she let me try, but nothing was working so I ended up just washing the old hardware and using that. I like the kind of dirty worn look it gives.

Okay, so enough about the piece and how much I like it! I want to give you my thoughts on the chalk paint and a resource that I found really helpful.

 Don't water down paint unless that is the look you want: I first tried watering down the paint thinking it would make it last longer, because that is what I had read. But, instead for this piece it did not provide the coverage I was looking for and I think I ended up using more paint because I had to go over it a third time to get the coverage I needed since that first watered down coat didn't do much.

Shellac especially if you are unsure: On the container of the paint can it tells you a little about shellacking older pieces that might bleed through the paint. I was pretty sure that my piece wouldn't do that, but it did, so I ended up having to use more paint to try and cover it up and the few spots that I couldn't get covered is where I had to distress to mask the spot.

Apply more paint to get a smooth finish: Because the paint tends to dry quickly I found that applying more paint and doing one final smooth stroke across the entire surface helped me get a smoother finish. You can see more about this on The Purple Painted Lady you tube video. I was getting a lot of yucky brush marks when I tried to apply the paint in sections because that is the advice I read about. Also, the paint doesn't dry as smoothly as everything I'd read suggested, so this technique really helped get a smoother finish.

So, as you can see I kind of struggled while painting and I kept regretting spending all this money on one quart of paint, but when all was said and done, I absolutely loved the results! It was the look I've been wanting, it was easy to work with, it was not smelly, I could work with it anywhere in the house, it was easy to clean up (soap and warm water) and it really does turn out so beautiful. I would highly recommend this paint to anyone who wants to do a lot of furniture repainting in their home.

The website that really helped me go into this with a little knowledge is the blog Perfectly Imperfect she has a lot of great tips and videos to help you get started!

I sure hope you give this a try if you haven't already and if you have I'd love to hear your tips and tricks for using chalk paint!


  1. Beautiful, Madalyn!!! I've yet to try chalk paint but only hear great things about it!

  2. Beautiful piece Madalyn! Which color did you use? :)


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